Receipt Bank, despite the name, is not a bank - we are a tech startup looking to disrupt and reshape the accounting and bookkeeping industry.

As an award-winning SaaS company in the top 50 Startups in the UK - we’d like to think we’re doing pretty well so far.

Currently we are looking for a new team member to join the Sales Operations Team as a Product Owner for Salesforce. We are a fun fast paced end-to-end scrum team working from both London and Sofia.

Our team aim is to use data to automate sales processes - we’re not quite at the stage of robots yet...but are you the person to help us get there?

We have an excellent software stack, and regard Salesforce as the core. To handle the challenge of this, you’ll need to be confident in your knowledge of the Salesforce platform and had previous experience administering another Salesforce instance.

Also, as we are an end-to-end scrum team you’ll also be expected to work alongside our other team members (strategists, senior data scientists, product owners etc) to challenge perceptions and bring new insight to everything the team does.

The typical process that our team follows is:

  • Business Understanding

    • Understand our business model to establish a problem definition with a preliminary plan designed to achieve the objectives.

    • Would you be able to break a large problem down into manageable chunks?

  • Literature Review

    • Review existing literature on related data models and keeping up-to-date with Salesforce best practice and updates.or similar problems paying particular attention to the types of data and methods used to solve them.

    • Could you take a problem and use the literature available to strategize the best solution, and then present those findings to a non-technical audience?

  • Data Understanding

    • Explore our current data model and integrations to discover preliminary insights to the problems we currently face and any new ones.

    • Could you explain in 10 minutes to our CEO our data model and the challenges we face with the system?

  • Automation

    • Explore our current implementation of Salesforce and rebuild it to be a world-class Sales & Marketing platform, with data driven automation at the heart.

    • Could you work with the Sales & Marketing Team leads to automate processes within Salesforce to make their teams more efficient?

  • Change Management Process

    • Processes are key -

    • Could you ensure that the change management process is slick and adhered to by all global teams?

  • Evaluation

    • Thoroughly evaluate Salesforce and it’s integrations. Review all the automated processes, within the System, and propose improvements. Map all the dependencies and maintain the Wiki of these. In addition, ensure the results of any changes in Salesforce fit the business objectives.

    • Could you evaluate the performance of your model using metrics?

Our software stack mainly consists of:

  • Salesforce

  • Looker - BI Tool

  • JIRA

  • Mixpanel

  • Hubspot

Our ideal candidate is someone who has experience with administering Salesforce, and when it comes to problem solving, is keen to work with key stakeholders and suggestion how current processes can be improved.

This is a fantastic opportunity for anyone looking to work with a tight-knit team, who wants the freedom to develop their skills, but also bring originality and insight to our team.

Receipt Bank is a rocket ship 🚀 - do you want a seat?